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Creating communities that thrive.

Madera Residential has a proven performance record of providing meaningful returns for investors while transforming apartment complexes into happy & healthy communities.

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We're scaling up, so you can too.

It's our belief that in order to add value to a community, you must value people first and foremost. It is through this strategy we're able to expand our highly successful multifamily real estate investments.

We've built a reputation as an innovative technology company prepared for scale. We're committed to adding value to communities and the lives of the people who call them home.

Adding value is a process that includes renovating physical structures and interior spaces, applying our best-in-class operations management systems, and promoting a culture that prioritizes people and relationships.

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Proven Operational Leadership

We steward your investment by personally managing properties under the proven Madera operations model, rather than relying on a third party to do so on our behalf.

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Emerging Technology

We are an emerging innovation/technology company prepared to dramatically scale our successful multifamily real estate holdings under proven operational leadership and a legacy of high-yield ROI.

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Formula for Success

We're the industry’s best at identifying investment potential in apartment communities and partnering with accredited investors who see and share our vision and Christian values.

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Organizational Health & Purpose

We believe apartments are more than just land and buildings. It's our faith that compels us to strive toward making a difference in the lives of our employees, investors, and the people who live in our communities.

Our Story:

Weathering Any Storm

You can trace the roots of Madera Residential back to 1991, but the story really started in 2008 when we bought our first apartment deal, The Lakes at Madera in Baytown, Texas. We received more than just our name from this property. We acquired it just before Hurricane Ike devastated the area in September 2008 followed by the financial crisis hitting in October of 2008.

The most important lesson we learned is that by leaning into relationships and doing the right thing, we can weather any storm. Our vision is to continue to expand our influence by adding value for people and communities across Texas and beyond.

Increasing Returns with Innovative Technology

By constantly pursuing opportunities for innovation and setting new standards for success in the industry, a culture of growth is at the core of who we are.

Continual investment in cutting-edge technologies such as in-house development of Quext Property Management Software, IoT devices, e-payment systems, and Madera's own Asmartment lifestyle amenities program, allows for constant innovation to streamline operations and better manage your investment.

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Industry Leading Experience

Our leadership team is made up of courageous community builders and investors committed to conducting business based on Christ's example.

Madera Residential strongly believes a company's people are its most important asset. We've assembled a versatile and experienced team, including on-site property management, finance & accounting, marketing, IT, communications, and asset management to systematically manage your investment.

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Organizational Health & Purpose

Investing in Madera Residential, means investing in lives; the lives of our residents, the lives of our associates, and the lives of our investment community. Our value system, rooted in Christ’s example, compels us to build community and pursue endless improvement.

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